A website has become an important interface between a business enterprise and its clients. Whether you have a small business or a medium sized company, you would obviously want to reach out to more clients and increase your return on investment. This is where we come in. We take pride in our expertise in developing web solutions that would exceed your expectations. We don’t work for you; we work with you on every aspect of your business requirements.

If you are just starting out and getting your business online, our website developers would help you transform your business ideas into reality. We believe in active participation of our clients, starting from planning of the website design to the final product, including support that may be required at any time. With new technology and upgrades coming in every other day, our experts keep themselves updated so your website design and functioning remains compatible with them. We specialize in creating dynamic websites designed to present data from a database as per your requirements. Some of the services provided by us include:

  • Logo designing
  • Website templates
  • Blogs
  • RSS feeds
  • Chat applications
  • Embed Paypal and Google checkouts
  • Create shopping carts, incorporating order confirmation details and order status

Whether you want a completely new website or want to renovate and add zing to your existing website, our solutions would help your business grow and get going in the right direction. You can choose from the range of website templates we have developed or we can start from a blank page and develop a completely new solution as per your requirements. When you join hands with us, you can unburden all your website worries on us and watch us create magic with your ideas!

Since the idea was first conceived the client-server architecture has taken over the entire business world, no matter if your business deals with local demands or global ones. Whether your enterprise lies at the beginning where you are the supplier of raw materials or at the end, where you have retail outlets of finished products, your business requires a cohesive network, accessible to both you and your customers.

We at Pari Software Solutions are consistently involved in developing powerful client-server applications to cater for every type of business. Client-server applications help in uniting the scattered aspects of a business and presenting it on a single platform. Everyone in your organization from the top management to employees at lower level require constant access to data. Our software developers have all the expertise to provide you with applications that are fast, reliable, secure and simple to operate. Not only that, once the application has been installed we provide all the support and training required to maintain the system, so your business runs smoothly, without you worrying about technical snags.

Client-server architecture is not about just installing a network of computers, but its more about integrating your business needs, so everything you require is on the same level. Most businesses today face problems as the applications they use are either scattered or not compatible with each other. This hinders or slows down work, as data generated on one system may not be supported by the other system. At times the existing system is too complicated, without any scope for integration. Our software developers have all the latest technical know-how on both compatible platforms and programming languages to develop client-server applications that help solve the issue of incompatibility, including integrating old and new systems.

Database management is one of the most important aspects of a business. Whether you are a supplier of raw materials wanting to maintain an inventory or a real estate agent wanting to organize customer information, a database forms the backbone of your business, without which it is as good as non-existent. Database management system not only helps you manage critical information, it also makes sure that it is available to you at all times.

We at Pari Software Solutions realize the importance of data for your business, and develop database management systems effective in handling all your requirements, be it retrieving important data or generating a report. The database management system developed by us would help you enhance performance, increase efficiency and automate the workflow.

We combine your business ideas and concepts with modern technology to create an efficient database system, compatible with your business needs. Our team of software developers have immense knowledge both technical and practical, to create a variety of database, flexible enough to work on every platform. Some of the database management services provided by us include

  • Creating new relational database management system including tables, as per the requirement of the client
  • Writing stored procedures and triggers to read and write data as well as to maintain data integrity
  • Write custom SQL packages
  • Performance tuning
  • Data backup and creating restores

What if the data you so painstakingly collected and organized isn’t secure? We at Pari Software Solutions fully understand the importance of data security and have developed our own data encryption algorithm to ensure your data is completely secure from modern threats. Data security is one of the major concerns especially for e-commerce websites and other businesses which require gathering of information by asking their clients to fill up an online form. This is even more important when you want your clients to enter sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers. The success of your business obviously depends on how much a customer trusts you when he gives out his personal data to buy your services. That said you certainly cannot afford to compromise on security of your customer’s information, thus requiring a reliable solution.

We help you build this trust by providing security solutions built using modern data encryption and programming techniques. The system developed by our team would help you secure your data from both internal and external threats, ensuring it never falls in wrong hands. Our data security solutions are compatible over a wide range of platforms, including both online and offline systems.

The data encrypted using our algorithm is decrypted using the keys that we provide for each application. These keys are exclusive for each client, thus completely maintaining the security factor. The keys are not even known to our developers as we provide tools to change the keys to each of our clients, so they are assured of total security of their data.

Microsoft technologies have revolutionized the way applications are developed today. Being Microsoft Certified Professionals specializing in Microsoft technologies, our application developers are fully equipped to handle any type of requirement you may have. We have Microsoft trained professionals adept in building solutions in Microsoft development environment. When you come to us with your business ideas or the kind of website design you want or any other business needs you may have, our experts have all the requisite knowledge to make it a reality.

Businesses today have to keep themselves updated and rehash old systems to enhance performance and productivity. We have developed our own framework using the latest technology from Microsoft which helps us reduce turn-around time and provide our clients with more cost-effective solutions. Our framework is fully compatible with all types of environment and platforms, so it is easy for us to integrate old systems with newer ones.

In processing the requirements of different clients we come across several factors that affect the way our software programmers and developers work. One of them and a major one at that is the cost. Thus, we carefully analyze the needs of our clients against the budget, so we have the most cost-effective approach towards developing your website. An important, convenient and economical option is using third party software for website development and creating custom software. These software are either available free as open source or at a nominal cost, providing all the requisite functionalities at a much less cost compared to writing a completely new program.

We definitely consider this while providing all types of services, so our clients get an option which is more affordable, being feasible at the same time. We also advice our customers as to which option will be best for their business. For instance, if building an application from scratch turns out to be better for the business, we suggest so for long term benefits, rather than looking for short term goals based on cost constraints. In this regard, we work closely with our clients so that even if we develop a new application, it doesn’t exceed the budget allotted by a large amount.